Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Is Brain Entrainment and Who Needs It?

)Brain Entrainment is also known as brainwave entrainment and may sound highly clinical and maybe even a little scary. However, it is simply the act of listening to special sounds, called binaural beats or isochronic tones that are designed to help the brain reach deep and relaxing levels of meditation.  There are books on the subject like this one found on Amazon: New Waves - An Explanation of Brainwave Entrainment -only $2.99 on Kindle version.

Is This a New Concept?

Binaural beats are very relaxing and due to the use of various frequencies can help you not only relax, but reach into your brain and discover its true power.  If you think this kind of relaxation and meditation tool is something new, you are mistaken. H.W. Dove, German "experimenter", if you will, discovered this concept in 1839.

Is This Like Brainwashing?

While the thought of changing your brainwave patterns sounds a little intimidating it is really a great way to achieve more brain power for yourself. This is not to be mistaken for brainwashing by any stretch. This merely involves sounds that takes you to your optimal subconscious level much like you experience in hypnosis. As a matter of fact many people use binaural beats to reach deeper levels of self-hypnosis as well as meditation.

How does it work?

Think about how you feel the rhythm of music when you listen to your favorite tunes and how you start tapping your toe, moving your feet or tapping your fingers to the beat. That is brain entrainment on  the conscious level.

When the right frequencies are used various results occur within the brain. The best thing about these sounds is that you hear them as relaxation music or special nature soundscapes but hidden within the music are binaural beats that dig into the subconscious.

The brain is an amazing organ and it can follow these beats and sync itself with the frequencies. The concept behind binaural beats is the frequency-following response effect.  EEG equipment is used to measure the brainwave changes in clinical research. This all may sound like science fiction, but it is real and has been used at NASA, in various clinical studies and in Fortune 100 businesses. This CD is an example of this kind of "brain music" Sleep Sanctuary Binaural Beats offer 4 whole hours of relaxing sounds to promote sleep is one of my personal favorites and is available on Amazon for only $8.99 as an MP3 download.

Binaural Beats Vs Isochronic Tones

The difference between binaural beats and isochronic tones, like this one for deep meditation, is that binaural beats sound like music when you listen to them while isochronic tones are actual tones. Both of these sounds/music are used for relaxation, meditation and brain entrainment. These sounds/music can alter your mood and is used in many psychological arenas to treat certain disorders.  There is a lot of debate about which one of these solutions is best, but most of the conclusions seem to provide very similar results for those using them.

Who Uses Brain Entrainment?

Other areas where brain entrainment is used include weight loss, smoking cessation, depression, anxiety, self-confidence and other areas where brain patterns affect behavior. Some scientists debate that this concept is still experimental while those involved in the research and development of binaural beats say this is a very effective treatment with many possibilities.

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